Serbia Got Horses for All the Courses (@FIBA Qualifiers)
Foto: FIBA

Serbia Got Horses for All the Courses (@FIBA Qualifiers)


Serbia played it’s second WC qualification game in Belgrade, 2 days ago, on November 27th.

Georgia and Tskitizhvili opened the gane with 2 points shot and closed the first quarter with the lead.

Serbian player Ilija Djokovic made three points shot little less than 1 minute before the end of the quarter for the even 21.

In the second quarter Serbia were leading till four minutes before the end, when Georgia first got really lost on the court and then took the lead, all thanks to Dixon’s three in a row three points shots.

Also, at the end of the quarter Dixon made two points for a final result of 44 – 45 for Georgia.

Exactly Michael Dixon was the best player with 23 points after first half (4 of 7 for three pointers), 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. For Serbia, the best scorer was Miroslav Raduljica with 15 points.

Those two were the only players with more than 10 points after first half.

Many good plays were seen during the 3rd quarter. One of them in scenario of the youth force of Serbia, Vanja Marinkovic, and ex Partisan captain, who laid it to secure the lead of the host.

Amazing team spirit and fighting mood was all the way present in the play of Ilija Djokovic, who also showed up devotion this summer playing for University selection of Serbia.

Raduljica missed to score then one more time, and once again a chance to dunk, but Milan Macvan nails the triple, and so as Marko Simonovice just few moments after for the whole delirium in Aleksandar Nikolic hall.

Foto: FIBA

Foto: FIBA

Even though during the first half there was an obious down in the defense of the hosting team, at the end of the match, Serbian team scored more than 100 points, even though in the start Georgia showed up “the teefs”.

The final score was 105 – 87 for coach Djordjevic’s team, and that way protected the home, looking forward to the winter and the 2nd window in February.

For the hosts, the most valuable player were Miroslav Raduljica with 28 points, eight rebounds and four as., Milan Macvan (18 points), Stefan Peno (17 points) and Marko Simonovic (12).

Milan Mcvan, whose club duties are familiar to coach Djordjevic, was’t looking for the excuses, even more, made himself clear about giving it a 100% to the NT.

When he was questioned up, he refused “to stay cool” for a bit in order to keep the freshness, claiming himself as a not tired and ready.

“It all comes from the mind. I am not tired, I am ready to play and I want to play because that is what we all the players want. We do not want to seat, we want to play.

We will see how long I will be able to do it, but I will be always here to help”, Macvan said.

“We have some amazing new guys, and, even though they are new, there is no big age deference between us, so there is nothing but a mutual support. I must say they showed up amazing spirit and skills, and we had three days only to train together”.’

In the next window Serbia will continue in Germany, as they gathering up in Munich in February.

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