@PartizanBC against Mornar (@ABA_League)

@PartizanBC against Mornar (@ABA_League)


In the Round 13 of ABA League Partizan NIS will host Mornar from Bar in “Aleksandar Nikolić” Sports Hall.

In the first match between these two teams, Partizan lost in the last seconds and black and whites are now ready for a revenge, and another weapon of team from Belgrade will be crowd in “Pionir”.

Head coach of Partizan NIS, Nenad Čanak, told in the press conference before the game that for his team, this will be like they are playing in the finals.

“Game against Mornar is very important because it is on the schedule right after loss against Limoges where we didn’t play with a full roster and we spent lot of energy in that game. I hope that Veličković and Gavrilović will be ready to help the team and that we also can count on Vanja Marinković. Mornar is untypical team, with two great American players and with our ex player Luković. There are not many players like those in the league. In this past few day we tried to prepare and we are still preparing as much as we can for this game. We are expecting that this game will be like another final, due to our situation on the scoring board”, said Čanak.



Novica Veličković, captain of black and whites has a lot of respect for team from Montenegro.

“Mornar is respectful team, more because we lost the first game against them in the final seconds. They showed us that they know to play basketball. They play fast basketball, and their players can make a difference. So, the game is important for us, like we are playing in the finals and we have to show our maximum in every match”, said Veličković.

In the first part of the regional league, Mornar hosted and won 83 – 81 against Partizan, and now they came in Belgrade after three wins in the last four rounds in ABA League.

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