@ABA_League: @kkcrvenazvezda hosting @PartizanBC (#ABALiga, Landale)

@ABA_League: @kkcrvenazvezda hosting @PartizanBC (#ABALiga, Landale)


After the short break in the ABA League due to the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 European Qualifiers, Crvena Zvezda is hosting Partizan in the derby of the round.

In the Round 20 of the regional league, the Red and Whites are hosting the “Eternal Derby” and, in front of their own crowd, will try to revenge for losing the first trophy in the season. They lost in the Final, in Niš, in the Radivoj Korac Cup against Partizan.

The Black and Whites won their first trophy thanks to Jock Landale who made free point shots after the fault made by Billy Baron. That was the 7th trophy and the second in a raw for Partizan in the Cup.

Now, in the two matches these teams face each other, both squads won in one. The Red and Whites in the Round 9 of the ABA League with a score of 71 – 77 (+6) and the Black and Whites in the Radivoj Korac Cup, when the final result was 76 – 74 (+2).

The Focus in the third game between these two well-known opponents will be on Landale (from Andrea Trinchieri’s squad) and Joe Ragland (from Milan Tomić’s roster). The Australian big men is the best player in the guest team with an index rating of 15.58 per game, while Ragland is the best in Crvena Zvezda with an average index rating of 13.72 in the ABA League.



Landale is also the top rebounder in the team with 6 rebounds per game and the top blocker with 1.05 blocks per match. On the other side, Ragland is the top assistant with 6 assists per game. Both of these two players, Landale and Ragland, are the second top pointers in their squads in the regional league averaging 12.05 and 10.67 points respectively.

The top scorer in the Red and Whites is Baron with 10.72 points per match, while in Partizan the top one is Marcus Paige with 12.89 points per match.

Talking about points, it is good to mention that the Partizan average scoring is 82.74 points, while Zvezda was scoring 85.16 points per match. In defense, the home team is also better because they were letting their opponents to score 68.63 points per match, while the guests were average letting 77.00 points.

But no matter what stats say, a derby is a totally different game from any other in any other league these two teams were playing and still play. Every match between these two well-known opponents is a story for itself. Always win the most motivated team and in the game of the Round 20 of the regional league won’t be different.


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