@PartizanBC over 100, @BCFMP from the first position to Playoff (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)

@PartizanBC over 100, @BCFMP from the first position to Playoff (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)


In the last round of the group B in the Serbian Super liga, Partizan, FMP and Dynamic won against Metalac (78 – 101), against Vršac (84 – 54) and against Vojvodina (66 – 87).

The four teams that made it to the Playoffs in the group B are FMP, Partizan, Dynamic and Vršac. The Black and Whites will face Mega Bemax in the quarter finals.

In the game between Metalac and Partizan, the Black and Whites took the control from the beginning. The team from Valjevo was leading by five only in the first quarter, but after that it was a one team show. The shooting percentage, the lost balls and the steals were the key aspects in the game and Partizan was better in all of them.

Vanja Marinković had a great role in the winning team. The Partizan guard scored 26 points with 6 rebounds, while his teammate Nigel Williams-Goss added 19 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Kwame Vaughn finished the match with 15 points and Novica Veličković, with 14.

And while in Nenad Čanak’s team everyone except Marko Pecarski spent some minutes in the game, in Mihailo Poček’s squad only 7 players were on the court. Four of them scored more than 10 points and the best scorer was Josip Mikulić with 17. Two players added 16 points each one (Mladen Pavlović and Aleksandar Vasić), while Đorđe Kaplanović scored 15 points with 12 rebounds.

Maybe, the team with the most constant play in the regular season of the Super liga was FMP from Železnik and in the game against Vršac they proved why they are starting the Playoffs from the first spot. The only match they lost was against Partizan but in the other game against the Black and Whites they won with a better difference, and now the team from Železnik will have the chance to book a spot in the Final.



FMP won against another Playoffs participant (the team from Vršac), and the final score was 84 – 54. But it wasn’t the biggest lead in the game: the team from Železnik had a maximal lead of 34 points.

Stefan Pot was the best with 13 points and 5 assists, while three other players from FMP finished the game with 10 points: Michael Ojo, Isaac Humphries and Marko Radovanović. In Vršac, only two players had double-digit score: Stefan Momirov (19) and Stefan Đorđević (11).

In the last game of the group B, Dynamic celebrated against Vojvodina before the Playoffs, where they will face Borac from Čačak in the first round.

The player of the match was the young guard Andreja Stevanović with 25 points. Besides ex-Partizan player, two more guys from the winning team had more than 10 points: Miloš Glišić scored 14 and Dušan Beslać, 11.

In Vojvodina, Teodor Atanasov and Aleksa Zarić scored 16 points each one, while their teammate Dejan Janjić finished the game with 14.


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