@PartizanBC for the third win, Vršac over 100 points (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)
Košarkaška liga SRB @KLSrbije

@PartizanBC for the third win, Vršac over 100 points (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)


In the second day of the 3rd round in the “Super liga” of Serbia, Partizan won 82 – 93 against Dynamik, FMP was better than Vojvodina with the score of 94 – 71 and Vršac count over 100 against Metalac (109 – 79).

After the third round in group B only the Black and Whites are without any loss. Dynamik, FMP and Vršac are in a similar situation: All of the three clubs have 2 wins and 1 loss. And Vojvodina and Metalac still don’t have any victory.

After their lost against Partizan in the second round, FMP managed to collect another win at home. This time the opponent was Vojvodina from Novi Sad, the team that is still waiting for a win in the Serbian “Super liga”.

The team from Železnik was leading during the whole game and the maximal lead was 25 points. Vladimir Jovanović’s squad won every quarter (28 – 20, 24 – 16, 23 – 20 ad 19 – 15), but in the second half FMP was mostly protecting the lead and the task was successful.

The best scorer in the home team was Nemanja Nenadić with 19 points, but the best player was his teammate Stefan Pot, who had 15 points, 5 steals, 5 rebounds and 9 assists. In Vojvodina, Nikola Silađi scored 21 (with 9 rebounds), while 16 points were added by Dejan Janjić.

An excellent night had the team from Vršac. Their home crowd had an important part in such a big scoring difference against Metalac. The game finished with a score of 109 – 79.

Maybe one of the the key facts was that Vršac had 19 points after offensive rebounds, while the team from Valjevo scored only 3. The other key fact was the three points shooting percentage: the home team scored 12 of 26 attempts (46%), while Metalac was successful only 2 times of 14 attempts (14%).

Košarkaška liga SRB  @KLSrbije

Košarkaška liga SRB

Mirko Đerić was the player of the match with 27 points, while Miroslav Pašajlić scored 16. Milenko Veljković had 15 and the last with double-digit score in the team from Vršac was Danilo Ostojić with 12 points.

In Mihailo Poček’s team, 19 points had Đukan Đukanović, 17 Filip Zekavičić, 16 Đorđe Kaplanović and 10 points was scored by Aleksandar Vasić.

In the last game of the second day in the Round 3, Partizan managed to remain the only ABA league team that wasn’t defeated in the “Super liga”, because Zvezda already lost against Borac from Čačak.

It wasn’t an easy game, especially because the coach of Dynamik, Miroslav Nikolić, is very familiar with the Partizan squad. He was their coach during half of the season and now his team was playing against his ex. But at the end, the Black and Whites scored another win.

The maximal lead was 24 points for Partizan and maybe the fact that was most interesting is Black and Whites fastbreak scoring points. They scored 23 after fastbreak, and maybe someone who didn’t watch them play during this season won’t be amused with this data, but this is a step ahead in their game.

Nigel Williams-Goss is definitely the player of the round with 52 index rating, and Miroslav Nikolić (Dynamik head coach) is the one who was responsible for his arrival in Belgrade. The American guard scored 35 points, with 12 assists and 6 rebounds. Bandja Sy added 19, while Đorđe Gagić finished the game with 10 points.

In Dynamik, four players had more than ten points: Nemanja Krstić scored 19; Petar Rakićević, 13; Jonas Bergstedt, 12; and young Andreja Stevanović, 11.


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