@kkcrvenazvezda is the Serbian champion for fourth time in a raw (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)
Košarkaška liga SRB @KLSrbije

@kkcrvenazvezda is the Serbian champion for fourth time in a raw (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)


Crvena Zvezda won 97 – 88 in the third and final game against FMP for the fourth trophy in a raw of the Serbian Super League. Alen Omić was the MVP and the best scorer of the final.

This was the third trophy that the Red and Whites were defending from the last season (first two were the “Radivoje Korać” Cup and the ABA League), and at the third time the charm is for Zvezda.

As it was the case last season, Zvezda won 3 – 0 against the team from Železnik, but maybe the only difference was that this year FMP played much better, and they were very motivated but didn’t have the strength to finish the games as they started. This season the total difference was plus 16 for the Red and Whites, and last, plus 73.

The MVP and the best scorer of the final playoff, Alen Omić, got the trophies from Nemanja Nedović and Vladimir Štimac (ex-players of Crvena Zvezda) and Nedović also gave the league trophy to the captain of the team, Branko Lazić.

The Red and Whites were searching for the formula how to break “Panters”, who played without one of their key players, Stefan Pot, due to injury. The guests were playing with three guards but no one was a classic playmaker and they were fighting till the very end.



In most of the minutes of the first half, Radovan Đoković, from FMP, with the help from his teammates, was dominating the court, but Zvezda only needed one minute and a half to get back in the game and take the lead. Milenko Topić’s team used their opponents’ mistakes and made 13 points in a raw for the score of 56 – 47.

In the third quarter the home team was leading by 19 (74 – 55), and as soon as everyone in the “Aleksandar Nikolić” Hall thought it was the end, FMP made a comeback and the result after 33 minutes of the match was 80 – 76 for the hosts. In those moments Omić was back on the court and, with his teammates help, he was slowly finishing the season.

Omić scored 20 points with 11 rebounds; James Feldeine added 17; Dejan Davidovac, 15; Filip Čović, 13; Taylor Rochestie, 12; and Ognjen Dobrić, 11 points.

In FMP, Đoković was brilliant with 22 points, Boriša Simanić scored 14, Marko Jeremić added 11 and Nemanja Nenadić finished the game with 10 points, 11 jumps and 6 assists.


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