Red Star home court Win against Maccabi, Partizan in Zagreb against Cibona
(14) James Feldeine Photo:

Red Star home court Win against Maccabi, Partizan in Zagreb against Cibona


It was a great night for all Red Star fans because their favourite team scored second victory in Euroleague, this time against Maccabi with a score of 87 – 84, in front of 8.320 spectators in Belgrade Arena.

Both victories in EuroLeague for the red and whites came at home court, so Dušan Alimpijević and his lads continue playing strongly as hosts in EuroLeague no matter which court they use – “Aleksandar Nikolić” Hall or Kombank Arena for last night game.

Things weren’t looking good in the first half for home team, only in few moments Red Star played good defense and with lot of energy. Guests were using lack of energy and toughness in opponent’s defense, as Maccabi went to the big break with a 10-point lead in their pockets. However, third quarter was the key period of the game, where home team bounced back and held a one-point lead as the last period began. And in the end, they have managed to come out on top in the finish, which could go either way and celebrated an 87 – 84 victory.

The top scorer for Red Star was Taylor Rochestie with 22 points, while James Feldeine added 19. For Maccabi, Deshaun Thomas scored 28 points, Pierre Jackson 14 and Michael Roll and Johan Bolden added 11 points each.

Taylor Rochestie  Photo:

Taylor Rochestie

While red and whites celebrating great victory in EuroLeague, their neighbours are in Zagreb, Croatia, where they will play against Cibona in the Round 6 of ABA League.

Both teams have 3 victories and 2 losses in regional championship and both are eager to score 4th victory – Partizan as guest, Cibona as host. It will be great basketball classic and crowd in Zagreb will be able to enjoy this game.

The rivalry between club from Zagreb and black and whites is very well known in the region so the game will be interesting to watch. Coach of Cibona, Slobodan Subotić will count on whole roster and his team is ready for Partizan.

“We are expecting tough game. We know Partizan’s team from SuperCup in Bar, Montenegro, where we lost the game all because of lack of concentration in the last quarter. But now they have American players, so they are different team. They played fast game, with lots of points, they want to finish fast in the attack, so we have to play good defense. That way we will stop their game. We need to play our game and if we want a shootout with them, we won’t have a chance. We have to be focused all 40 minutes”, said Cibona’s head coach.

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