@PartizanBC too strong for Mega Bemax (@ABA_League)
Vanja Marinkovic (Photo: Partizan NIS)

@PartizanBC too strong for Mega Bemax (@ABA_League)


In the great atmosphere in “Aleksandar Nikolić” Hall, Partizan Nis won against Mega Bemax (by 89 – 73) in the Round 19 of ABA League.

Home team were leading through the whole game, and in the end they deserve to celebrate in front of their crowd.

The guy of the game was Bandja Sy, who had the perfect game, he didn’t miss anything. Sy scored 17 points with 9 rebounds. Same amount of points scored Nigel Williams-Goss, while two players finished the game with 12 points each: Vanja Marinković and Đorđe Gagić. Đoko Šalić added 10 points.

In Mega, there were only two players with double-digit score: Vlatko Čančar (12) and Nikola Rebić (11).

Black and Whites had series of 8 points at the beginning of the game, while Mega didn’t score anything. After that, team from Sremska Mitrovica responded with 7 points. But Partizan didn’t back down and the first quarter was finished for 8 points advance (22 – 14) for Nenad Čanak’s team.

Mega Bemax started the second quarter better, but Black and Whites didn’t allow the guests to get closer so very soon the difference was similar as in the end of the first part of the game. And very soon the difference was 11 points (33 – 22), all thanks to new guys: Kwame Donte Vaugh and Bandja Sy. All the second quarter from that point belonged to Black and Whites, and in the end of the first half the result was 49 – 31.

In the first half, differences in Partizan’s game from all others during this season was offensive jump. This time Nenad Čanak’s team had 7 rebound in offense and 10 in defence.

Djorđe Gagic (Photo: Partizan NIS)

Djorđe Gagic
(Photo: Partizan NIS)

The best scorer in first 20 minutes was Bandja Sy, who added 13 points with 4 jumps.

Even though, Partizan was leading with a notable difference, team from Belgrade didn’t allow guests to come close, and all minutes in the third quarter they were protecting the lead. Before last part, the result was 71 – 52.

In the fourth quarter it was only matter with which result game will be finished, and final score was 89 – 73 for Black and Whites.

After the game, coach of Mega Bemax Dejan Milojević congratulated Partizan on deserved victory.

“I want to congratulate Partizan on deserved victory. They were better from beginning till the very end, they controlled the game. We managed to get closer, to be only 10 points behind, but again we let them to increase their advantage and it was the end, said Milojević, who added that his team was enchanted by the atmosphere in Pionir.

“We didn’t manage to do things we agreed. I had a lot of players who have never before played in such an atmosphere. By the way, it was great atmosphere tonight. They were impressed with that and they didn’t show their best basketball. The real indicator of it is free throw shots. We had 4 of 15 in the first half, and 11 of 25 in the end. We have to forgot this game as soon as possible and prepare for upcoming ones and Cup, where we have to play better”, said head coach of Mega Bemax.


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