@ABA_League: Shock therapy worked, great debut of Trinchieri (@PartizanBC)
Andrea Trinchieri (Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov)

@ABA_League: Shock therapy worked, great debut of Trinchieri (@PartizanBC)


In the round 6 of the ABA League, Partizan NIS won 74 – 81 against Mega in the Sports Hall Pinki in Sremska Mitrovica (a town in Serbia).

Until this round, Dejan Milojević’s squad was unstoppable but the Black and Whites, after changing their coach, had one motive more to win: all players wanted to show the new head coach, Andrea Trinchieri, that he could count on them.

The First quarter of the game was the crucial one, when Partizan made 9 point difference against the home team and that quarter finished with a score of 15 – 24 for the guests. In the second and third quarters, the team from Belgrade was better than their colleges in Mega. Only in the last quarter of the match, the home team was better (19 – 12 was the result of the fourth quarter), but that wasn’t enough for winning their 6th game in the regional league.

Both teams had a lot of turnovers in the game, the Black and Whites lost 18 balls while Mega lost 17. And while Partizan scored 9 three points shots, the home team was successful only three times of 31 attempts. The weak spot of Trinchieri’s team was the jump, as it was the case when the coach was Nenad Čanak. Mega had 27 defensive and 16 offensive rebounds, while Partizan, 24 defensive and 11 offensive rebounds. A Good thing that players from Sremska Mitrovica didn’t use well (the second or the third chance to score).

Rade Zagorac (Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov)

Rade Zagorac (Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov)

After a little break, Rade Zagorac (F) came back in style. He and Vanja Marinković (SG) were the best scorers, with 17 points each, while their teammate Jock Landale (C) scored 13. Bandja Sy (F) added 12 and Đorđe Gagić (PF – C) finished the match with 10.

Goga Bitadze (C) was unstoppable against the Black and Whites but his 28 points and 11 rebounds wasn’t nearly enough for his team to celebrate. His teammates weren’t as motivated as Georgian player and no one had more than ten points against Partizan.

Both teams have to forget this game as soon as possible because new challenges are in front of them, and the first one for Partizan is in the EuroCup. On Tuesday, November 6th, the Black and Whites are hosting Trento from Italy in “Aleksandar Nikolić” Sports Hall (aka Pionir).


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