(@ABA_League) Trinchieri: ” This one’s on me ” (@PartizanBC – @kkcrvenazvezda)

(@ABA_League) Trinchieri: ” This one’s on me ” (@PartizanBC – @kkcrvenazvezda)


It is not a custom for Andrea Trinchieri to say as little as it was the case at the press conference after Partizan (the Black and Whites, Crno-Beli) lost 71 – 77 against Crvena Zvezda (the Red and Whites, Crveno-beli).

The Black and Whites head coach said that the lost against their eternal opponent was his fault.

It is not enough to play only 20 of 40 minutes. The third quarter was the crucial, in that part we lost our game, defense, offense. I am really sorry, especially for the club president and our fans. They all did the best for this to look much better. This one’s on me, it is my fault. There is not much to say. I didn’t use the wright words, I tried to prepare the team to play, but they were ready for 20 minutes only. I think we are on the right track, but sometimes words are not enough“, said Trinchieri who explained that he was trying everything with the players on the court.

Stratos Perperoglou (Photo: Partizan NIS)

Stratos Perperoglou (Photo: Partizan NIS)

I tried a lot of things: with a short, with a tall five, with two, with one guard, for ball to go inside, outside. But again, this one goes on me. We are still search for the leader in the squad. I can’t be that. I can’t score, pass the ball, block…”, finished the Italian press conference.

The best player in the eternal derby, Stratos Perperoglou, was satisfied with the win of his team.

I am glad my team won. These kinds of games are fun to play, everyone are motivated and I was only trying to prepare for the match. This was a good win, we needed it. It is not easy to play in the atmosphere like this, but we completed our goal. I like to play in this kind of atmosphere, it is fun for everyone. Fans are loud, passionate, they support their squad and they making hard for the opponent. For me, it was easier to play here than in Athens because I don’t understand the language, I don’t understand what they were saying”, said the Greek veteran after an amazing role in the eternal derby. He finished the match with 30 index rating.


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