@ABA_League: @BCFMP is hosting @PartizanBC in the last round (#ABALiga)

@ABA_League: @BCFMP is hosting @PartizanBC in the last round (#ABALiga)


In the ABA League round 22, the last round of its regular season, FMP is hosting Partizan.

It is already known that Crvena Zvezda, Cedevita, Budućnost and Partizan will be in the semi-finals and it is also known that The Red-Whites and the team from Zagreb will have the home court advantage. Before the last round, Zvezda already secured the first place and yesterday the Croatian squad won 94 – 80 against Mornar and stayed at the second place.

As I have mentioned before, the team from Belgrade is already among the best four teams of the regional league. And the team from Železnik (Belgrade suborn) will be in the league next season. All four teams from Serbia (Crvena Zvezda, Partizan, Mega and FMP) will stay in the ABA League next season. So, the only goal in this game for The Black-Whites is the chance to qualify for the semi-finals on the third position. For the scenario where Partizan will skip Zvezda to happen, Trinchieri’s squad will have to win in Železnik. And that is not all: Budućnost will have to lose against Cibona.



During this season, these two teams already faced each other in the ABA League in Pionir. In the round 11, Partizan won, as a host, 83 – 77. Now, the home squad will be FMP who only has 4 wins against Partizan in the regional league, while The Black-Whites won 16 times in the past. The Good news is that in 3 from 4 wins, the squad from the Belgrade suborn won as a host, so, their chances are better if they are not playing in front of the Grobari (the popular name for The Black-Whites fans).

The Crowd in Železnik will be able to enjoy good basketball, as it was always the case in the matchs between these two squads. FMP is always extra motivated in the games against The Black-Whites an even though there won’t be any competitive motive for the hosts, they will play for the honour. FMP will try to finish the ABA League season with its 10th win.

Partizan, for sure has an extra motive and that is the chance to finish the regular season on the third place and skip Zvezda in the semi-finals. But not all depends on their match. In order to accomplish their goal, they will have to cheer for Cibona in the game against the Montenegrin team. If Partizan and Cibona win in the last round, The Black-Whites and the squad from Podgorica will have the same number of wins, but the Serbian squad will have advantage and will be on the third position. The reason is the better scoring difference in their own matchs (both Budućnost and Partizan won once against each other during this season but team from Podgorica won 75 – 71, +4, and Partizan 76 – 67, +9).


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