@kkcrvenazvezda, in the Final; @PartizanBC, stopped in their home court (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)
Košarkaška liga SRB @KLSrbije

@kkcrvenazvezda, in the Final; @PartizanBC, stopped in their home court (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB)


In the second semi-final game of the Serbian Super League between Partizan and Crvena Zvezda, the Red and Whites won with a score of 73 – 81 and made it to the Final. The season is over for the Black and Whites.

In a full and excellent atmosphere in the Aleksandar Nikolić Sports Hall, Milenko Topić’s squad managed to celebrate. Maybe the key fact why the guests won was the offensive rebound. Zvezda had 18 rebounds in offense while Nenad Čanak’s team had 8.

The best scorer from Zvezda was Taylor Rochestie with 23 points. His teammate Stefan Janković had an excellent role in the win. He scored 16 points, most of them in the key moments of the match. Dejan Davidovac ended the game with 11 points and 9 rebounds, while Ognjen Dobrić added 10 points.

In Partizan, again Nigel Williams-Goss was the best with 20 points, while Đorđe Gagić added 13. Novica Veličković and Kwame Vaugh finished the match with 12 points each one. Partizan’s captain also added 7 rebounds and 4 assists to his statistics but it wasn’t enough for the Black and Whites to continue the fight in the “Super liga”.

Both teams started the second game motivated and most of the first quarter the guests were leading and the biggest lead was 5 points (11 – 16), but in the second part of the game Partizan took the lead. The biggest lead was 6 points (32 – 26), but the Black and Whites didn’t manage to save it till the end of the half.

After the first half Partizan was leading by 1 (38 – 37). The best scorer was the MVP of the Serbian Super League, Nigel Williams-Goss, with 15 points. He was the only double-digits player after the first 20 minutes of the game.

The home team started better in the third quarter, but the guests were always able to come back in the game. The result after that part of the game was 62 – 57 for Partizan.



Rochestie from Zvezda started the last quarter with an excellent three points shot, and announced a tough fight till the very end. More than two minutes before the end the Red and Whites were leading by 3 (73 – 76). The final score was 73 – 81 for Topić’s squad.

After the game, Rockestie from Crvena Zvezda congratulated his team on accomplishing the first step to the final goal, the trophy.

“I want to congratulate my team on a great game in this excellent atmosphere. Partizan have good supporters but we did what we came for, which is a spot in the Final. We played well, not just in this game but during the season and this is some kind of reward for it. But this is not our goal, it was only one obstacle we overcame. Our final goal is winning the championship and now we are closer to accomplishing it”, said Rochestie.

Partizan’s captain Novica Veličković congratulated Zvezda on the Final.

“I want to congratulate Crvena Zvezda on the win. They deserved it. We lost because of our mistakes especially when we were leading by 9. If we made some smarter decisions we could finish the game calmly, but we didn’t. Again, we lost because of our mistakes”, said Veličković who added that now is time to rest.

“I will turn to my family now, it is vacation time and I will get rest and spend more time with my family. I am not sure what will I do next season yet, ball is still calling me, I want to play, to compete, fight and especially in Partizan. But still don’t know what will I do, I can’t think about it now. Just want to mention that for me is honour to play for this club, especially when I am a captain”, finished Novica “Ubica”.


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