Crvena Zvezda avoided another surprise (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB, @kkcrvenazvezda)

Crvena Zvezda avoided another surprise (@KLSrbije, #KLSRB, @kkcrvenazvezda)


In the first day of the Round 5 of the Serbian “Super liga”, Crvena Zvezda MTS won 86 – 87 against Tamiš, Borac (from Čačak) was better than Mladost with a score of 96 – 63, while Mega Bemax scored their second win in the league, this time against Zlatibor. The final score was 79 – 82.

The Red and Whites won against Tamiš in an interesting game, where both sides were playing on the same level but, at the end, Stefan Janković performed a three point jump shot 5 second before the end of the game and helped his team to celebrate.

Zvezda started the game better and the first three quarters belonged to the guests (20 – 25, 21 – 22 and 19 – 24). In the fourth one, the home team played an amazing defense against the team that played the EuroLeague and won that part with a score of 26 – 16, but that wasn’t enough for pulling another surprise in the group A (the first surprise was when Borac won against Crvena Zvezda).

The best scorer was James Feldeine with 22 points, while the shooter of the winning basket, Janković, finished the game with 14. Filip Čović added 11 and Taylor Rochestie was the last Red and White player with a double digit score (10 points).

In the home team also four players had 10 or more points. The best one was Ivan Smiljanić with 19, Mladen Vitković added 16, Nikola Hristov scored 12 and Dušan Knežević finished the match with 10 points.

Basketball club Borac won their fifth game in the “Super liga”, this time the opponent was Mladost (from Zemun) and the final score was 93 – 63. It was another huge win, this time in front of hundred people in the Basketball Hall near river Zapadna Morava.

Only in the second quarter the guests were better than Borac and that part of the game finished with a score of 16 – 21. In all the other quarters the home team dominated in all the aspects of the game and they made another proof that win against Zvezda wasn’t a surprise at all. Squad from Čačak was playing teamgame.

Darko Balaban finished the match with 14 points, Nemanja Todorović ended the game with 12, while three players scored 10 points in Borac: Aleksandar Radulović, Uroš Čarapić and Marko Stojadinović.

While there were five players who scored 10 or more points for Borac, in Mladost there were only two players with double digit score. Vojin Svilar ended the match with 15 and Božidar Babović scored 10.

In the last game of the first day, Mega Bemax managed to score their second win in the domestic league by beating Zlatibor in another great match.

Goga Bitadze, with 17 points, was the best scorer in Dejan Milojević’s team, while two of his teammates added 16 each one: Luka Ašćerić and Aleksandar Lazić. Nikola Mišković finished the match with 11 points.

For Zlatibor, Dragoslav Papić had 27; Radomir Marojević, 21; and Mladen Pantić, 12 points, but those weren’t enough for surprising Mega Bemax.


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