Black and whites against the leader of @ABA_League
BC Partizan Photo:

Black and whites against the leader of @ABA_League


In the derby of the Round 10, Budućnost VOLI will host Partizan NIS in Morača Sports Hall, Podgorica.

This game is announced as the match of the round because of the big rivalry between both teams and it is a classic of two regional giants. Also, both Partizan and Budućnost, are fighting for the very top of the standings in the ABA League this season.

Ex Partizan coach Aleksandar Džikić will face his former team and try to continue winning run at home court and stay on the leading position, while Miroslav Nikolić’s team will try to score a victory and show everyone that they are going to be one of the teams who is fighting for first 4 positions in the league and place in play offs.

Up till now, team from Montenegro has 8 victories and 1 loss and it is the only team with one loss this season in regional league. Now, Budućnost is searching the way to score another win against big rival, but Partizan is eager to win. Team from Belgrade is at the 5th position with 5 wins and 4 losses.

(9) Vanja Marinković Photo: Dragana Stjepanović (

(9) Vanja Marinković
Photo: Dragana Stjepanović (

The same score has another Serbian team – FMP, but team from Železnik, Belgrade’s suburb, is at 4th position in this years’ standings.

In the focus will be the experience against the talent and the fresh blood. It will be a contest of sharp-shooters on the floor in Morača, as home side captain Suad Šehović and away team young gun Vanja Marinković will face one another.

Before this game, in total Partizan won against Budućnost 17 times and lost 8 games, while in Podgorica the score is 5 – 7 for Partizan. Looking the score from the previous games between those two teams, it will be a difficult game for home team. But unlike tradition, Budućnost VOLI have been more successful than Partizan NIS so far this season in the regional competition.


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