Spens Full Venue to host Group G Derby Game (@FIBA Qualifiers, @FIBAWC)

Spens Full Venue to host Group G Derby Game (@FIBA Qualifiers, @FIBAWC)


How big importance the game that will be played today between the national teams of Serbia and Germany has, tells the fact that all the tickets were sold out!

The full venue in Novi Sad is ready to face the most important game in the group G, which is likely to decide the new (or old) group leader.

Germany is now leading the group with 5 wins and none lost.

The team of Aleksandar Djordjevic, the team of Serbia, has one loss only, and exactly was defeated by Germany, but that was the road game for them.

That is why Serbia is looking forward to this match, as the fans and true basketball lovers not only are ready to enjoy beautiful plays, but also to support their team, to be that wind in the back of the hosts.

Many problems the hosting team has been facing lately, now were updated, as Nemanja Nedovic, a new signing of Milano, and ex Málaga player, is unjured.

The coach confirmed that he won’t be able to contribute to the team and that he will definitely be out.

That is a big minus for the hosting team, but yet, Aleksandar Djordjevic didn’t step out unsecure, but very proud if his current team devoted work.

“The team of Germany is a well prepared team. Their new selector brought in some very good changes, he influenced the team just in the right way.

They improved their play very well and in my opinion they have one of the best teams right now.

They got very tall player, it is one high roster, physically strong, well trained”.



Aleksandar Djordjevic also gave his look back on the last game against the team of Georgia, where he finds the key to the win against Germany, today.

“I am very much surprised, in a positive way, by the contribution of each one from our team, since all the problems we had so far.

It was not easy at all, but we managed to play one very good game.

One very defensively strong game which lead us to the final result.

That is how we have to play on Monday, and how we should face an opponent such is Germany, because play in one constant rhythm, with no shakes, so only focused and with 100 percent focus that we are able to take a win in this match.

Of course, it will be much more easy once we know that Spens arena will be full and that we will be having amazing support in Novi Sad”.

The game between Serbia and the team of Germany, from the group G, will be played today, Monday, July 2nd, in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The game starts at 8 p. m., local time.

Serbia has a 4/1 score (only defeated by the guest, Germany).

Germany has a 5/0 score and is the group leader.


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