Hot Preparation Games raised up the temperature All Over Europe

Hot Preparation Games raised up the temperature All Over Europe


As the EuroBasket is coming closer, the teams are getting ready both phisically and mentaly.

Not long ago, the preprations has started, althogh most of the teams has already taken it to another level, sizing up with the potential oponnets.

Previously, Italy won Trentino Basket Cup.

However, seems like everyone will remember it by, not very smart, incident caused by NBA star Gallinari, who knockbroke his hand after punching the Duch player Jito Kok.

Galinari will miss the tournament for the dumbest reason, as the recovery time is expected to be 5 or 6 weeks.

The Forward is very aware of the consequences of the incident.

He apologized to the coach, teammates and Kok: “I am very sorry for so many reasons. First because I am not part anymore of the Italian team and for the way I left it. Italian team is like a second family to me and I feel really bad”, Italian said, promising that one thing is for sure, he will never do something like that again.

Big surprise is coming from the capital of France, Paris, where Croatia team outplayed favourite French team 92 – 87 (13 – 19, 29 – 25, 22 – 25 and 28 – 18).

Croatia showed very powerful offense, led by NBA player Dario Saric who won MVP honors recording a double-double of 16 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists.

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 21 points.

On the host’s side, the Orlango Magic star Evan Fournier set out his team career-high of 24 points.

Nando de Colo followed with 15 points and five assists.

In Greece, Patras Tournament winner was known.

Greece took the first place by easy defeating Great Britain with the final score 92 – 64.

The British squad was inferior during the whole match.

Yet, the bench players showed the most in the third quarter (17 – 15).

The NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo again was sidelined but veterans Printezis and Pappas was leading the host team, both scoring 12 points.

Spain v Greece, 2015 EuroBasket, Lille (France), Quarter-Finals, 15 September 2015

Spain v Greece, 2015 EuroBasket, Lille (France), Quarter-Finals, 15 September 2015

In The Balkans, The University team of Serbia faced up with A team in the friendly game in city of Kraljevo.

The final score was expected and senior team took a win.

As the most imposrtant thing to be learnt from this match, coach Djordjevic stressed out the fact that neither him nor his players took «students» for granted.

He confirmed that they will be ready on their hand during the whole preparations, because no team qualified for the EuoroBasket will be easy to play with or capitulate without a battle.

Unfortunatly for the silver Olympic medalist, Nemanja Nedovic is under the question for the EuroBasket.

He has been constant for years now, and this would be sad news for coach Djordjevic.

The Malaga Guard erlier returned from the training camp to Belgrade to complete necessary analisys.

New Unics member, Marko Simonovic is already out and unavailable due to a palm injury.

Southwestward, Spanish team played its first preparation game.

Scariolo and his players didn’t let down the fans and absolutely overpowered team of Tunisia by 71 – 45.

Except Willy, who played about 21 minutes, no player stayed for too long on the floor.

This way, Scariolo could try out rotations and use the game perfectly to test his team.

Beside Juancho, who scored 13 points along with 6 rebounds, Pau Gasol scored 11 points (and 5 rebounds) while Pierre Oriola also scored in 11 points (and 4 rebounds).

Tunisian squad was led by Mourad El Mabrouk (10 points) and Zied Channoufi (9 points).

Basketball lovers are looking forward to the upcoming weekend that will bring in many good plays and gather big basketball stars in Serbian capital.

August 11 to 13 is reserved for Belgrade Trophy tournament.

Belgrade will host amazing teams of Greece and Montenegro and Aleksandar Nikolic Hall, formerly known as Pionir Hal, is likely to be sold out.


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