De Colo for the win in Istanbul, Panathinaikos too strong for Malaga (@EuroLeague)
(1) Nando de Colo Foto:

De Colo for the win in Istanbul, Panathinaikos too strong for Malaga (@EuroLeague)


In an interesting match in Istanbul between Fenerbahçe and CSKA, the team from Moscow won thanks to Nando de Colo’s buzzer-beater two points shot for 79 – 81. In the other @EuroLeague match, Panathinaikos won in Málaga with a score of 79 – 90.

The team from Istanbul played a matched game and in the third quarter made a difference but CSKA got back in the game in the fourth quarter and even won in the last seconds of the match. It was an amazing comeback for the best team in the league with 21 victories and 5 losses.

On the other hand, Fenerbahçe is currently on the third place with the same number of victories (18) and losses (8) as the second, Olympiacos.

These three teams are qualified for the @EuroLeague Playoffs, so there are only 5 spots remaining and four rounds till the end of the Regular Season of the best European clubs competition.

No matter that Turkish team lost in the game against CSKA, Željko Obradović and the gang are in the @EuroLeague Playoffs, although their final position is still unknown.

The player of the game was the French de Colo due to his last shot, to finish the match with 13 points and 8 assists. The best scorer was Andrey Vorontsevich with 17, while two players added 15 points each: Cory Higgins and Kyle Hines. Also, another player with double-digits score was Sergio Rodríguez, who finished the game with 10 points.

In the home team, the best scorer was the Italian Inside Player Nicolò Melli with 18 points, while Jan Veselý added 13 points (7 rebounds and 4 assists).

(3) K. C. Rivers  Foto:

(3) K. C. Rivers

In the last game of the Round 26 Panathinaikos showed their strength in Málaga, winning an important match with a score of 79 – 90, for the chance to qualify for the @EuroLeague Playoffs.

Now, the team from Athens is the 6th one with 15 victories and 11 losses, while Málaga has 16 losses and 10 wins and only theoretical chance to be one of the 8 @EuroLeague Playoffs teams.

Now, they are at 11th position.

In the game between Málaga and team from Athens, the crowd saw two totally different halves. In the first 20 minutes the home team was leading and after the first half the score was 44 – 32 for Málaga. At that moment Panathinaikos looked without motivation to win (and even play), but the second half was a different story.

Málaga lost their strength and Panathinaikos used it to get closer, return and win at the end.

The best scorer in the Greens was K. C. Rivers with 25 points (and 5 steals). While in Málaga, Nemanja Nedović scored 19 points (and 7 assists), although that wasn’t enough for his team to celebrate in front of their own crowd.


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