First loss for Serbia, Germany won 79 – 74 (FIBA World Cup 2019 Qualification)
Aleksandar Đorđević Photo:

First loss for Serbia, Germany won 79 – 74 (FIBA World Cup 2019 Qualification)


In the first game of the second window for World Cup 2019 that will take place in China, the Serbian team lost against Germany in Frankfurt with a result of 79 – 74.

With this victory Germany became leader of the group G, while Aleksandar Đorđević’s team is on the second position. But there is still three games left. First is already on Sunday, when Serbia will face Austria in Vienna. And the second two, again against Germany and against Georgia will be on schedule during summer.

In Frankfurt, the Serbian team had their chance in the 32nd minute when Ilija Đoković scored two three points shots one after the other for the score of 62 – 57, but, then, home team made a 10 – 0, and that was the key moment of the game.

The best player for guests was Miroslav Raduljica, who scored 22 points, while Ivan Paunić added 11. Those two were the only guys with double-digits points.

Aleksandar Đorđević Photo:

Aleksandar Đorđević

After the match, head coach of Serbian national team said that turnovers and missed free shots were the main reasons his squad lost the game.

“Maybe some of my players were under pressure due to importance of this game, so we were missing free shots in the final minutes of the game and also turnovers in key moments were the main reasons we are not celebrating”, said Đorđević, who congratulated Germany for the victory.

“I want to congratulate German team and well-deserved victory. They played physically though and solid game. We missed lots free throws in the second half and that is why we lost. But our team played with a heart and they were fighting, so I have to be proud. We need that approach in every game and we have to think positive. Also we need to forget this and think about next game that we have against Austria in Vienna on Sunday”, finished “Sale Nacionale”.


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